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Insatiable curiosity and how to use it

03/06/2020 by Victoria Heward
Post CEFR level: B2 Curiosity is the desire to know more, understand new information and discover how and why things are as they are. It’s what fills...

Books, Films, Tv Series... Elementary!

26/05/2020 by Elena Tonus
Post CEFR level: B2.1 When Arthur Conan Doyle published the first volume of Sherlock Holmes, A Study in Scarlet (1887), he had no idea that he would be...

Power and Ambition - Shakespeare’s Kings

14/04/2020 by Gina D.B. Clemen
William Shakespeare wrote several immortal plays about the power and ambition of kings and rulers, and their terrible consequences. In these plays Shakespeare...


10/03/2020 by Gina D.B. Clemen
Teenage friends can be great detectives because they’re curious about what’s happening, they’re brave and they’re determined to find out. These...