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Full of the joys of spring

07/04/2020 by Victoria Heward
You might not recognise the Old English verb springan (sprang – sprungen) meaning to ‘jump up’ or ‘to grow’, but it gives us the roots of the...

The two Marys: two rebellious, independent authors

19th Century female authors were often linked to romantic fiction, but Mary Ann Evans and Mary Shelley were two exceptions. Mary Ann Evans (1819–1890)...

Many mysteries for a revolutionary lady: Agatha Christie

18/03/2020 by Elena Tonus
When talking about classic mystery, some similarly classic images come to mind, Sherlock Holmes with his brilliant theories, the pipe and the magnifying...

Forever Friends

04/03/2020 by Victoria Heward
Friendship comes in many forms; sometimes your best friend thinks like you, dresses like you and loves exactly the same things you do. But often opposites...

Anne and Gilbert… LovE with an E

25/02/2020 by Victoria Heward
The most talked about romance of the moment is the love story between Anne and Gilbert. If you didn’t know, that’s Anne Shirley and her childhood sweetheart,...

English literature and the A-Z of love

03/02/2020 by Victoria Heward
A Love at first sight – Pride and Prejudice (Jane Austen) Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy are one of the best loved romantic couples in English literature....