Don’t believe everything you read on the social network today. It’s1st April and, in English speaking countries, that means April Fools’ Day. You’ll probably come across lots of incredible stories about alien invasions, strange inventions and things you didn’t think existed. If you fall for the fake news then you are an April Fool. If you don’t like that idea, could pull a prank on someone yourself. School or the office is a great place to play a practical joke – make sure you don’t get into trouble though. Not everyone enjoys being an April Fool.

On 1st April in the UK, journalists, radio programmes and even the very serious BBC join in and try to trick the public. One of the most famous practical jokes ever played on the British public took place in 1957! A documentary programme called Panorama reported on the spaghetti trees in Switzerland. They said it was a great year for spaghetti thanks to the very mild spring. The film showed women picking spaghetti from the trees and putting it in baskets. Many TV viewers believed the news and thousands of them phoned the programme to find out how to grow the trees.

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Illustration by Giovanni Manna, taken from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Caroll, Reading and Training Step 2 (B1.1)