“I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book.”
J.K. Rowling


We read books for many different reasons: to find information, to relax, to get inspiration or new ideas or just because we love a good story. Today is Book Lovers Day; a day for the reader in all of us to celebrate with their favourite book, whether it’s the latest new thriller, a literary classic or a fantasy adventure epic.

Everyone has their personal favourite character, or memorable literary moment – but what makes a great story for you? There are classic authors and novels that everyone agrees are great, but we all have our personal tastes. Have you ever been so absorbed in a story that you have forgotten the time, missed lunch… or even missed your bus stop? Have you ever finished a book and felt sad that the story was finished, because the characters had become like friends to you?

Now, with the increase of electronic devices, like tablets, e-readers and cell phones, it’s easy to carry lots of ‘books’ around with you and read whenever you want. But today, put away your smartphone and pick up a real book to read. Visit your local library, chat about what you’re reading with your friends and swap books with them. The origins of this unofficial holiday are not known but book lovers will be doing these things all around the world today.



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