It’s a big question, but the answer is easy: YES WE CAN! We can certainly do our share in respecting the environment. Read on!

Everywhere we go we hear and see words like ecology, green economy, environmentally friendly, recyclable. All of these words are part of sustainability, which means looking after our planet—our oceans, rivers, forests, land and air. These precious resources must last for future generations and we are responsible for them. Today important companies and businesses are aware of what sustainability means for the future of our planet. In supermarkets you can see these words on many products: “This product comes from sustainable sources”.

Sometimes people don’t care about sustainability or the environment, because making money is more important to them. In Mystery in New Orleans a greedy businessman wants to destroy a beautiful wildlife reserve in New Orleans and build a huge shopping center. Two horrid murders and the poisoning of the water of the wildlife reserve and a city river cause an environmental disaster! The police start to investigate with the help of two brave teenagers who work at the wildlife reserve. They are able to discover clues and evidence that will stop the greedy businessman and his destructive plans. Luckily, the wildlife reserve is saved for future generations!

Toxic waste is another huge threat to our environment. Dangerous chemicals, metals and other toxic substances must be eliminated in the proper way, in the proper place, and not thrown into the environment.  In Mystery in San Francisco people wake up one morning and find that the friendly animals in Washington Square, the city’s most loved public park, are dead! An abandoned mansion, a ghostly face at the window and a toxic smoke are the bizarre clues that three teenage friends discover and report to the San Francisco Police. An illegal laboratory that was conducting toxic experiments in Washington Square is dismantled and life returns to normal in the beautiful park–thanks to three teenagers who love and respect the environment. Let’s remember the three “R’s” of sustainability: REDUCEREUSERECYCLE. Reduce waste. Reuse things. Recycle things that you don’t need any more. Planet Earth belongs to all of us—let’s look after it!


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