The Christmas Elves are known for being happy creatures, they always look young with their bright eyes, rosey cheeks and long curly hair. They dress in colourful clothing, red green and gold, decorated with ribbons and sparkling jewellery. The elves are energetic, they love playing games, telling jokes, singing songs and of course the thing they love most is Christmas! You wouldn’t be mistaken in thinking Christmas is a magical time of year for elves, it’s a time of joy and celebration after a long year of planning and preparation. Their boss is a big bearded gentleman wearing a warm red coat, he’s known by the name of Santa, you may have heard of him? Well, he makes the elves work hard, but he also knows how to throw a fantastic party! The celebrations begin with fireworks, huge family dinners, singing and dancing, it would seem as if life were perfect in the North Pole. But is it? If you look carefully among the joyful scenes you can also find the other elves sitting quietly. They don’t dance or sing, nor laugh or tell jokes, they show a brave smile to tell us that all is okay, yet something isn’t quite as colourful. For some elves Christmas doesn’t have the same magic and it’s time to hear their story too!


No Jingle this Christmas
(Titsiana, 32 years old)

‘Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way…’ the music of Christmas joy spreads across Santa’s Grotto in the North Pole, lifting the mood of the Christmas Elves as they begin working on wrapping the presents. For each present an elf wraps they earn ‘jingle’, the money used in the North Pole. The money jingles in the elves’ pockets as much as the bells jingle around them. An elf called Titsiana works in the present wrapping factory. She has long blonde hair, brown eyes and a kind smile, she has two young children, or ‘elvlings’ and her father ‘Grandpa Elfis’ who she supports with her job in the present wrapping factory. Titsiana the elf sets up her wrapping paper decorated with holly, she has her sharpest pair of scissors and sellotape at the ready, it’s time to earn some jingle! Suddenly, the music of jingle bells is interrupted by something ringing in her pocket, she pulls out a snow globe, a small round object made of glass. The snow globe is full of falling snowflakes. Titsiana shakes the snow globe three times and through the snow appears a hologram of her children’s teacher. ‘Happy Holidays, unfortunately your children are unwell, would you mind picking them up and taking them home to be looked after?’ says the teacher. Titsiana heads home and looks after her children for three days, on the fourth day Grandpa Elfis has a toothache, he ate all of his candy in a few days and now he needs taking to the dentist. Titsiana loves looking after her family but she also needs to earn jingle to provide them with a magical Christmas holiday. She digs deep into her pockets, shakes them about, but there is no jingle! What is Titsiana going to do this Christmas? On the fifth day she goes back to work at the present wrapping factory. There is an enormous  pile of wrapped presents next to her wrapping station. ‘Excuse me, can someone move these presents, I need to earn some jingle’ says Titsiana. ‘There is no need to wrap any more presents’ says a young Elf with bright red hair. ‘We saw that your family needed you so we all helped to wrap your presents too, here is your jingle, go and have a wonderful Christmas with your family’. The elves have come together to help Titsiana through a difficult time, and the magic of Christmas continues in Santa’s grotto.

ACTIVITY – Create A Christmas List: Instead of writing a list of presents write a list of things you can do for others this Christmas.


Not my Christmas
(Bert, 86 years old)

‘I’m dreaming of a white Christmas, like the one’s I used to know’ sings Bert an elderly elf of 86 years old with bright blue eyes and long curly silver hair. For Bert, there is nothing more special than spending Christmas with his family. They sit around the Christmas table, talking, laughing and sharing their favourite Christmas jokes. ‘What’s Santa’s favourite singer?… Elf-is Presley! That one always makes me chuckle’ says Bert. ‘What goes “Oh, Oh, Oh”?… Santa walking backwards! I could tell them all day’. When Bert’s family come for Christmas dinner he is so happy to see them and he can’t wait to tell them his new Christmas joke. Bert’s family include his son and daughter-in-law and three grandchildren all wearing matching Christmas pudding designed tracksuits. He gathers his family to tell them his first joke. ‘Why was the snowman looking through the carrots?’ says Bert. His family don’t answer. ‘I’ve got to take this important call on my snow globe, it’s about Christmas business’ says his son, a round elf wearing a suit designed by Valentino Rudolph. ‘Why was the snowman looking through the carrots?’ asks Bert again, this time to his grandchildren. Again there is silence, the elvlings attention is focused on a new Christmas toy. It is a type of chocolate bar with a screen which allows you to play games and send messages to your friends. ‘Sorry Gandpa Bert, we are looking for the Christmas tree emoji’ says the eldest of the elvlings with mousy brown hair and freckles. Bert sits in silence wondering what an emoji is and wondering how he can connect with his family. Bert repeats his joke to his daughter-in-law, ‘Why was the snowman looking through the carrots?’ ‘Sorry, I can’t hear you, I’m listening to Rihanna’s new Christmas song, a family Christmas’ says his daughter-in-law with two pieces of tinsel hanging out of her ears. Bert can’t hear any music and wonders if he is going deaf. Later on in the day Bert’s family gave him a present, he unwraps it and finds a chocolate bar with a screen which allows you to play games and send messages. Bert types a message and sends it to his family. The message reads ‘‘Why was the snowman looking through the carrots?’ … ‘We don’t know, why?’ replies his family. ‘He was picking his nose!’ Shouts Bert! The entire family start laughing out loud, they put down their gadgets and devices and spend the rest of Christmas telling jokes!

ACTIVITY – Write a letter to Bert, tell him about your family Christmas traditions and how you like to spend your Christmas.


A Christmas Tree without Branches
(Sandra, 54 years old, and Derek, 57 years old)

For an elf decorating a Christmas tree is a great family event, putting the tinsel and baubles and of course the star or angel on top. Every branch of the Christmas tree represents life, happiness and family! Every year elves compete to have the biggest Christmas Tree, they fill the tree with as many decorations and lights as possible. Sandra is an elf with green eyes and pink hair, she loves decorating her Christmas tree with her husband Derek who has pink eyes and green hair. Their children are grown up and are spending Christmas with their children this year. They want to spend Christmas together, but it’s not possible in 2021, we all understand why. Unfortunately this means the Christmas tree won’t have branches this year as the branches represent the family you spend Christmas with. The elves are left with the main part of the tree, or the trunk, that supports the rest. This helps Sandra and Derek remember that they still support their family even though they are not with them this Christmas. They remind themselves that they are the lucky ones, many elves spend Christmas on their own, even without a house and a warm meal. One day Sandra and Derek are driving home in their snowmobile when they come across an old man with a big white beard and a grey cloak in the street. They invite him into their home for a warm glass of eggnog, a delicious Christmas drink that all elves love. The eggnog helps bring some colour into the old man’s cheeks, his grey cloak begins to glow red and he suddenly looks very familiar. Santa himself is sitting in their living room with a wide smile across his face. ‘When you focus on helping others, you also help yourself’ says Santa. Santa gives them the biggest, most beautiful Christmas tree ever grown. With lights and decorations, that you can’t imagine. He tells them that the Christmas tree will last until next year, and they will need it because next year all of their branches are coming home!

ACTIVITY – Make a Christmas Card in the shape of a Christmas tree for your family. Write them a letter in the card about why Christmas is special for you.


Giving Up on Christmas
(Kevin, 8 years old)

For most elvlings Christmas is the most special time of year, they love building snowmen and playing snowball fights. On Christmas Day, Santa also delivers presents to the houses of the Elves. Kevin an eight-year-old elf with brown curly hair and glasses gets an amazing gift and here is the letter he writes to thank Santa.

‘Thank you Santa for my Action Elf, it’s an amazing toy, I can’t wait to take it on adventures with me! Action Elf is the strongest and bravest elf that exists! Well actually the second strongest and bravest. My Mum has to be first, she is a doctor and she saves the lives of other elves every day. When I say every day, I mean every day, even Christmas Day! I want to spend Christmas Day with my mother more than anything, I would give up all the presents in the world to spend this magic day with her. Some times I feel sad and lonely, but most of all I feel proud. My mum is there for other elves on Christmas Day, and they need her help more than I do. She is my true action hero!’

This year Kevin and his dad stay up late and wait for Kevin’s mum to come home. They prepare a surprise Christmas dinner with candy and pancakes. You may think it’s a strange dinner but elves have a very sweet tooth. ‘I can’t wait to see the look on her face when she sees what we have made!’ says Kevin. Christmas is about giving, giving presents and giving surprises, but for many elves it’s also about giving up, making sacrifices and looking after others before they look after themselves. Just make sure you give them extra pancakes to say thank you this Christmas!

ACTIVITY – Create a Christmas dinner recipe! What do you want to eat this Christmas and how are you going to make it?