Post CEFR level: B1.2

What kind of traveler are you? Some travelers are like turtles—they take their entire house with them! You’ve seen them drive by with their car full to the brim, with ever possible object. And you’ve seen them at airports and train stations struggling with numerous pieces of heavy luggage. Other travelers like to travel light—all they need is a backpack or a small trolley. They take only the bare essentials. And then there are those who travel extra-light—all they need is their credit card, because they’ll buy everything when they get to their destination.

Do you plan your trip carefully with guide books and maps, or do you act spontaneously on the spur of the moment, enjoying the various events that you happen to find? Of course, this depends on your sense of adventure and on how you handle the unexpected.

What kinds of trips can you take? Teenagers and young people love to go camping, living outdoors and exploring Nature. Perhaps you can chose a famous national park in your country or abroad. In The Great Adventure at Yellowstone, three teenagers take an exciting camping trip in Yellowstone National Park, in the USA, where they meet unexpected dangers and adventures. They use their courage and cleverness to solve difficult problems and discover a wonderful surprise!

Youth hostels all over the world offer young people inexpensive alternatives to the classic hotel or bed-and- breakfast. Young people like moving from city to city and exploring the sites.

Some trips are very unusual, like the one Walter Andrews decides to take. Walter Andrews is one of the characters in Alien Alert in Seattle, who isn’t happy with his family life. His dream is to become an astronaut one day. When he meets a friendly alien from Mitrax and has the opportunity to take a spaceship and go to another planet, he leaves Seattle and travels to another planet!

Wherever you go, remember that the most important “ingredient” for a successful trip is CURIOSITY! Keep an open mind, an open heart, and meet new people–let your curiosity guide you. You’ll return from your travels enriched, knowledgeable and ready for another trip!


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