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At first the house keys disappeared…

We live in a world where some objects are as much a part of us as our own skin, but sometimes we don’t pay attention and we lose track of them. They disappear in thin air. The most common item to lose is our keys – house keys, car keys, office keys… We rely on our keys every day without even thinking where we put them down at the end of the day. We often find them later deep in the recesses of our purse, beneath the car seat, behind a coffee mug on the kitchen counter, or maybe even in our pocket. Yet, each time we lose them again we frustratingly retrace our steps to uncover their location. We become our own personal detective.


ACTIVITY – Write a tweet telling a friend that you’ve lost the keys and you cannot meet him/her. If it’s helpful, use one or more given keywords.


…from keys we’ve moved onto misplacing mobile phones…

Despite advances in technology, we continue to lose those things we use every day and rely upon for our daily lives. The newest object to stress over is the smart phone. Students Mobile Phone Technological evolution  Mobile phones started off impossible to lose. They looked like an ugly metal shoe with an antenna. The bonus was that you never had to guess where it was. But today, mobile phones are thin, small, and fit into your pocket. They also have personalized cases that may help them to blend into their surroundings.
I misplace my cell phone almost daily, and I’m not the only one. These precious devices, a constant appendage, are guarded by their owners like a newborn baby. At school students, check their phones every moment they get for messages from friends or Instagram likes. Attention spans are shrinking and anxiety over the lose of this precious object increases.


ACTIVITY – Discuss with a friend. What is your worst fear about losing your mobile phone?


… and now we are adding surgical masks

Mask Virus Anxiety FearNow, with COVID-19, there is a new top-five most searched object on the list – surgical masks.  Every time we leave the house we need to remember to put on a mask. Businessowners ask, “where’s your mask?” when you enter a shop. Security desk attendants will not let your friends enter your condominium without covering their faces.  Our purses are packed with keys, phones, and now several face masks. Unlike keys and phones, our mask is lightweight, thin, and even easier to mislay though. They end up scattered all over the house, our bags, pockets, and maybe even hanging off your doorknob. It can be a nightmare running out of the house in a rush unable to find a clean mask.


ACTIVITY – Where do you keep your mask and why did you choose that place? Make a selfie with your mask in the usual place you leave it… it can help!


The everyday life detective

But there is one way out of this daily search, and that is to cultivate your inner detective. Of course, our everyday detecting is nothing compared to the formidable detectives we find in literature though. The detectives in the mystery genres follow their intuition to uncover the devious plans of criminals while being assisted by their resourceful and loyal assistants. But this is fiction. Not real life.

So, what do we do?

Start over: Where did I put the car keys? I went home. I had them in my hand. I put them in my usual place on the counter. Suddenly, the phone rang. It was my sister. She’s a real chatty-Kathy. Armed with patience, I prepared myself for a long conversation. To ease the nerves, I walked around the apartment with phone in hand. I dropped my mask in my jacket pocket. I hung my jacket in the closet. My phone battery started to die during the call, so I immediately plugged it in on the shelf after my sister hung up. I boiled some water and sat down to drink a lovely herbal tea. The rain clouds started to roll in and it looked like a storm was coming. I pulled out my raincoat for tomorrow. While I was preparing my raincoat for tomorrow’s trip to work, my family rushed into the apartment and started preparing for dinner.

When I put my raincoat the next morning, the nightmare began. Where was my mobile phone? My mask? Keys? I had to ask my husband to call my phone, so that I could follow the ring tone to its location. Unfortunately, he got the voicemail. My phone was off. Great! Now what?

It’s raining! Could this morning get any worse?! What! Now, I can’t stop thinking about my sister. How is this related to my lost phone search?

Oh yeah! My battery died after our phone call last night. My phone is on the charger. That doesn’t solve the problem of the missing keys and mask though. Gosh! That rain is really coming down. Of course, I changed my jacket when I saw the cloudy weather yesterday. I must’ve put my mask in my jacket pocket. And, my keys, probably where I always leave them – on the kitchen counter.

Moral? As a good everyday-detective, tonight I will sit on the sofa and relax reading a fascinating mystery and it will be a pleasure to be surrounded by the story and its infallible characters.

Being an everyday detective was challenging, but sure a lot of fun!


ACTIVITY – Write a short story or a blog post about losing one or more of the highlighted objects. Figure out what you are feeling about them. Use the highlighted vocabulary to describe your experience.