Teenage friends can be great detectives because they’re curious about what’s happening, they’re brave and they’re determined to find out. These young detectives never give up and always seem to solve the mystery before anyone else! It’s wonderful to see how they examine the clues together, how they share information and how they help each other when they’re in danger.

Their friendship is built on trust, truth and honesty, because when they start to investigate they must trust each other—they’re a team! This kind of friendship is used in literature, particularly with the famous Sherlock Holmes-Doctor Watson team!

Young detectives are smart: they know their limits and when necessary they inform the local authorities. Let’s take a look at a few exceptional detective teams.

In The Lighthouse Ghost, Megan and Alex Huntington live in beautiful Maine. One day they discover hundreds of dead fish and dead birds on the beach, and no one knows why! They decide to investigate with their good friend Steve, whose father is a fisherman. Will these three detectives prevent an ecological disaster on the northeast coast of the USA?

In The Halloween Secret, the Winthrop family is going to lose their home and their business! Janet and her brother Dave don’t know how to help their family, until a ghostly ancestor of the past gives them a riddle to solve. Their best friend Bob is good at solving riddles, but this one is particularly strange…

Investigating becomes dangerous in The Vampire’s Tear,  when a world famous diamond is stolen from a New York museum.  Bill, Nick and Michelle are great friends, who have solved other mysteries in Murder at Coyote Canyon, but they can’t figure out how a vampire could possibly be involved in the theft!


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