We all need a home, especially in the bitterly cold month of January, imagine beginning the new year without a place where you belong. Our homes keep us safe and warm, but it is who we find in our homes that really make the difference. It’s family which transforms a house into a home!

It’s difficult to find a home!

Anne is an orphan girl and she hopes to be adopted and find a home. One day it seems she can see her dream come true but… let’s read together to find out what happens.

“Who’s this, Matthew?” asks Marilla, looking at the girl. “Where’s the boy?”
“There isn’t any boy,” says Matthew.
“But we want a boy, not a girl,” says Marilla angrily.
“You don’t want me!” cried the girl. “You don’t want me because I’m a girl! Oh, what can I do?”
“Please don’t cry,” says Marilla. “You can stay here tonight. What’s your name?”
“My name’s Anne Shirley,” says the girl.
“Anne is a very nice name,” says Marilla. “Come and have dinner with us.”
After dinner Marilla takes Anne upstairs to bed. Anne gets into a clean, warm bed and starts to cry.
Marilla goes downstairs and talks to Matthew.
“I’m going to talk to Mrs Spencer tomorrow,” says Marilla. “We’re going to send this girl back to the orphanage. We need a boy.”
“She’s a nice little girl,” says Matthew slowly, “and she’s interesting.
She likes us.”
“But Matthew, a girl can’t help you on the farm,” says Marilla, looking at her brother.
“But Marilla, perhaps we can help her,” says Matthew kindly.
The next morning Anne wakes up and runs to the window. It is a beautiful sunny morning.
“This is a beautiful place and I’m happy this morning,” Anne thinks. “But I can’t stay here…”
That morning Marilla and Anne take the horse and buggy and go to Mrs Spencer’s house.
Tell me your story, Anne,” says Marilla, while she drives the buggy.
“It’s not very interesting,” says Anne. “I’m an orphan and I live in an orphanage with a lot of other children. I’m alone in the world. No one wants me or loves me. I really want a family…”
Marilla suddenly feels sad and looks at Anne’s big gray eyes. They stop at Mrs Spencer’s house and Marilla talks to her about the mistake.
“Oh, I’m sorry,” says Mrs Spencer. “But I have an idea. My friend, Mrs Blewett, needs a girl to help her. She has a new baby and a lot of children.”
“Mrs Blewett?” asks Marilla. “I know her and she’s a very unkind woman. I don’t like her. No, for now Anne is going to stay with us.”
Marilla and Anne leave Mrs Spencer’s house and get into the buggy.
“Oh, Marilla,” say Anne excitedly, “can I stay with you and Matthew? Can I?”
“Yes, you can stay at Green Gables with us,” says Marilla smiling,
“But you must be good.”
“Oh, thank you!” cries Anne. “I’m a good girl, Marilla and I can work hard!”

(From Lucy M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables, chapter 1)


Work in groups of three and practise acting out this dialogue from Anne of Green Gables.       
Take it in turns to play the parts of Anne, Marilla and Matthew, and demonstrate your best acting skills!