TV: Doctor Who (1963 – present)

Doctor Who is a BBC British television programme about the adventures of a Time Lord (a humanoid alien) known simply as The Doctor. He explores the universe in a time machine called the Tardis, a blue Police Box which looks very small from the outside but inside is enormous. He travels through space and time fighting for justice and equality, trying to help the people on Earth and, especially trying to destroy his arch-enemies, a group of robots known as Daleks.

The first series was broadcast in black and white in 1963 and since then 12 different actors have played the part of The Doctor. This change of actor is part of the story: when he is near death his body regenerates and transforms into a new one. Sometimes different incarnations of the Doctor meet each other in the same episode. In the more recent series he is over 1,000 years old but nobody knows exactly how old he is or who he really is.

In the eleventh series, due to be broadcast later in 2018, the thirteenth doctor will be played for the first time by a woman: British actress Jodie Whittaker. The television series is now a cult classic.

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Illustration by ​Paolo D’Altan, taken from Journey to the Centre of the Earth by Jules Verne, Reading and Training, Step 2 (B1.1)


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