“The streets of London have their map, but our passions are uncharted.
What are you going to meet if you turn this corner?”
Virginia Woolf


If you are thinking of visiting London this summer why not check out some these attractions, all associated with Britain’s literary heritage. London is full of landmarks, real and fictional, that ware famous thanks to writers, or characters in their stories.

Your first stop should be 221B Baker Street. The address features in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories as home to everyone’s favourite detective Sherlock Holmes. Baker Street itself is full of Sherlock Holmes memorabilia and the house (actually located between 237 and 241 Baker Street) is now a museum which recreates rooms as they were described in the stories.

Another house which is now a museum is at 48 Doughty Street. It was the home of Charles Dickens from 1837 to 1839 and where he wrote Oliver Twist and other stories. The house contains many personal items, manuscripts and original writing desk.

Next up is King’s Cross Station. Even if you don’t believe in magic, it’s still fun to take a photo pushing a trolley through Platform 9 ¾ . Harry Potter and the Weasleys did it every year to catch the Hogwart’s Express. Now, it’s just a tourist attraction, but great fun if you’re in the area.

No literary tour of London would be complete without visiting Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. The current building is an accurate reconstruction of the original, which was built in 1599. You can even see plays performed the way they would have been in Elizabethan times!



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