Apparently the tradition of making a new start at the beginning of a new year or changing something for the better was practiced even by the Babylonians!

It seems everyone has something they want to improve, and the start of a new year is the perfect time to start. Some people’s new year’s resolutions focus on how they manage their time (less social media, more family time) while for others it’s all about getting in shape (more exercise, lose weight, healthier diet). Some people set more difficult goals linked to career and personal relationships (promotion, get married, have children).

Maybe you can see your New Year’s resolution listed above… or maybe you haven’t decided yet. If you’re still thinking about what you’d like to change in 2020 why not think about your reading habits. How about these ideas?

  • Read every day, even if it’s just for 5 minutes.
  • Keep a note of the new vocabulary you find
  • Try a new genre or style that you’re not used to
  • Join a book club to talk about the things you’ve read with others
  • Swap book with your friends
  • Discover new authors on line


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