Thor is not just one of Marvel’s Avengers, he’s the mighty thunder god of Norse mythology. He also has a whole day named after him in English: Thursday (Thor’s day)!

Norse mythology, from Northern Europe, is much more than just fighting, gods and heroes… It tells the story of the creation of the world itself. It divides the universe into nine worlds which are united by a mythical tree called Yggdrasil. The tree has roots and branches in all the worlds. Midgard, for example, is home to the humans while Asgard is home to the gods. There is also the land of giants, the land of magical elves and the land of the dead. Midgard was connected to Asgard by a huge rainbow bridge.

Asgard is ruled by the god Woden (or Odin) and his wife Frigg. Woden is the most powerful and wisest of all the gods, while the beautiful Frigg is the goddess of love and destiny. They both have their own day of the week too: Woden’s day and Frigg day. Their youngest son, Thor, is master of the weather and is the strongest warrior of all. Tyr is the god of war – the one who decides who wins and loses battles. Guess which day is his!

While it’s easy to see similar names used for the days of the week in northern European languages, other languages all around the world associate the same days with the same gods and the same planets.



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