Every year thousands of tourists visit Stonehenge. They all want the answers to the same questions.

When?                How? 

Who?                Why?


What do you know about Stonehenge? Do the quiz to find out!


1 Where is Stonehenge?

A In England        B In Ireland           C In Scotland

2 What is Stonehenge?

A a temple            B a computer       C a calendar

3 Who built Stonehenge?

A Aliens                 B Druids               C normal men

4 When was it built?

A 3,000 BCE         B 2,500 BCE          C 1,500 BCE


If you know the answers to all of these questions you know more than the experts!!!


Stonehenge is one of England’s biggest tourist attractions but nobody really knows who built it, what it is or how they did it. Historians think construction began around 3,000 BCE and finished somewhere between 2,500 and 1,500 BCE. Who built it and how they built is a mystery. The stones are not only very big and extremely heavy, but many of them come from the Preseli Mountains in Wales: 385 kilometres away from Stonehenge! Nobody understands what was so important about these particular stones and how and why they were moved.

Some people think Stonehenge is a temple to the sun or an ancient god, maybe a primitive computer or even a way to communicate with aliens. The most probable theory is that it is a sort of calendar or an observatory to study the sky and the stars. Our ancient ancestors built sacred monuments like Stonehenge to celebrate the longest and shortest days in the year, and the spring and autumn equinoxes (when the day and night are of equal length). Nobody knows for sure exactly what they did there but even today people go there to celebrate the seasons.


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Illustration by Daniele Fabbri, taken from The Secret of the Stones by Victoria Heward, Green Apple, Starter (A1)