It’s National Teacher Appreciation Week in the USA: a week in which students are encouraged to thank their teachers for their kindness, dedication and hard work. It’s celebrated on the first full week in May with parties, presents, stories and activities to say thank you to teachers all over the country.

Many countries in the world have a special day to thank teachers. In many countries like the UK, Portugal, Russia and Nigeria it’s celebrated on 5th October, World Teachers’ Day. Every year on this day, teachers in Nigeria have the day off and in other countries many schools close early or organise fun activities. Sometimes the older students teach the younger ones and it’s a day that everyone enjoys.

World Teachers Day was officially established by UNESCO (The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) in 1994 but the tradition actually goes back a long way. The first Teachers’ Day in Mexico was celebrated more than 100 years ago on May 15th 1918.

A teacher’s influence, positive or negative, remains with us throughout our lives and the role of students and teachers has inspired many authors.

Why don’t you read some classic, and not so classic, stories about teachers?




Illustration by Alberto Stefani, taken from The Extraordinary Miss Sunshine by Jane Elizabeth Cammack, Green Apple Life Skills Step 1 (A2)