“It is ridiculous to set a detective story in New York City.
New York City is itself a detective story.”
Agatha Christie


Over half the world’s population lives in cities and, in 2015, the United Nations General Assembly introduced World Cities Day to promote sustainable urban spaces around the world. Cities come in all shapes and sizes; two of the most well-known and well-loved cities in the USA are New York City and San Francisco.

NYC, the Big Apple, is on the east coast and has always been Europe’s gateway to the new world. It’s a city that means different things to different people; the Statue of Liberty, Time Square, Central Park, immigration, opportunity, snowy winters, art, jazz and Broadway… even if, in more recent years it is remembered for the 11th September attack on the Twin Towers. It’s loud, crowded and full of traffic – yet NYC’s excellent public transport system and skyscrapers actually make it one of America’s most environmentally friendly cities. People don’t use private transport and high-rise apartments use less resources and less space.

San Francisco is more than 4,000 km away, in California, on the west coast. Its most famous landmarks are the Golden Gate Bridge, the Alcatraz island prison and its hilly zigzag streets. It’s also known as the tech capital of the world; home to tech companies like Facebook and Netflix. In recent years it has been part of an urban restyling programme to produce new housing, better transport systems and more open spaces. Like NYC it is a great city to live in!



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